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Established in 1999

Design & Planning

The team at Denmanair understand that all home and office environments are different, with many varying factors.

We take the time to assess your building in order to supply a tailor-made air conditioning and climate control solution that specifically meets your requirements.

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Did you know?

Regular and confortable temperatures in the office place directly correlate to improved levels of productivity.

Denmanair create bespoke air conditioning packages using the latest, high tech software, taking into account every aspect of your environment, including:

  • Number of people occupying a space
  • Number of heat-sources (such as computers and printers)
  • Number and size of windows
  • Ceiling height
  • Location

Using this information we calculate, design and plan the most energy and cost efficient system to give you the exact cooling and warming solutions you need.

What’s more, we also offer ongoing services and maintenance to ensure your units continue to run as efficiently and effectively as the day they were installed.

Denmanair - Creating a comfortable environment at the touch of a button.

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Air conditioning is quickly becoming the norm for UK homes and businesses. You can lower humidity, prevent mould, reduce dust mites, control comfort, and save on energy costs.

Modern air conditioning systems are also very quiet, so you can finally enjoy a good night’s sleep, no matter the weather conditions, whilst your hardworking team can continue to perform to the best of their ability.

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