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As air conditioning specialists, we understand you need to feel secure with your new investment.

Whether you've invested in cutting-edge air conditioning technology to get a better night's sleep, improve productivity in your workplace or ensure your customers feel comfortable and unflustered when entering your store, we'll ensure your investment is safe, secure and guaranteed! This is why we offer a wide range of warranties on our air conditioning units – we bring you peace of mind.

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With Denmanair,
your system is in safe hands!

Our standard 12-month warranty

All new equipment installed by our experienced engineers comes complete with a 12-month warranty as standard — no matter the manufacturer, unit capacity or price.

Up to 7-year warranties (with a service & maintenance agreement)

All new installations combined with a service and maintenance contract are equipped with warranties of up to 5 years (subject to maintenance contract), protecting you against unexpected repair bills.

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We make sure your system is protected!

Whether you've invested in air conditioning for your home or business, it's essential to get the most out of your AC system, ensuring it's running efficiently.

At Denmanair, we're committed to helping our clients maximise the performance and lifespan of their air conditioning systems. That said, mechanical and electrical components can, at times, unexpectedly fail. With cutting edge technology, a professional installation and a warranty of up to five years, we eliminate the risk of future repairs or replacements. If an issue does arise, you're completely covered. Below are just a few of the key advantages at a glance:

  • Our warranties can cover labour and parts.
  • You’re guaranteed a swift diagnosis and an efficient repair or replacement if an issue does arise.
  • Saves you money in the long run and prolongs the life of your unit.
  • Ensures you're prepared for the unexpected.

For more information about our products, services and warranties, please call 0800 47 980 11 or send us a message today.

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