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The benefits of having air con installed in an office

Having air con installed in your office may seem like an expense you could do without but it could save you money and improve your staff’s working life...

Having air con installed in an office could maintain or even improve productivity. Dr David Lewis, a neuropsychologist, looked at staff productivity in overheated offices and found that their concentration faltered, the number of mistakes they made increased and their problem-solving ability decreased. Meanwhile, the British Safety Council say that workers’ productivity is likely to diminish once air temperature reaches 24 degrees Celsius.

Loss of productivity caused by uncomfortably high temperatures could cost your business dearly. In a study of office workers by the Office of National Statistics, it was revealed that 92% of office workers waste up to an hour a day as a result of an overheated workplace – resulting in £19.3 million in lost productivity for British employers during the summer months.

Without air con installed in an office, staff may suffer from dehydration and fatigue from the hot and humid conditions and may also be prone to cardiovascular and respiratory problems. As well as controlling temperature, air con can also filter the air of allergy-producing mites and fungi, giving staff extra health protection.

No air con installed in your office? Then chances are your staff will open windows and doors to let in some cooling air. The problem is, it’s easy to forget to shut windows or fail to close doors securely, meaning your property could be left unsecure out of business hours.

If you have clients visiting your premises, you’ll want to give a good first impression – but that won’t happen if there’s no air con and your meeting rooms are stuffy and hot. Installing air con will leave clients feeling comfortable and could make them more receptive to doing business with you.