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Established in 1999

A History of Daikin Air Conditioning

Daikin Air Conditioning is produced by Daikin Industries, Ltd. This manufacturer is known for inventing VRV systems. These are variable refrigerant volume systems. These VRV-based air conditioning systems give users the ability to enjoy individual zone control in specific rooms and floors of buildings. Today, we'd like to share information about the history of Daikin Air Conditioning.


This Company is Very Established

Daikin Industries, Ltd. was founded in Japan way back in 1924. However, it had a different name when it was founded and this was Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho LP. This company began to compete for business within the North American market during 2004.

Daikin has quickly become a big player in the North American market. When the company entered this market, it boosted its chances of grabbing significant market share by acquiring OYL Industries and McQuay International. By purchasing these companies, which are involved with designing, manufacturing and selling HVAC systems for commercial, institutional and industrial clients, it facilitated the process of getting its own air conditioning systems to North American customers.

Also, Daikin used the knowledge and experience of these companies to refine its own products.

For example, two years after being purchased, McQuay International got a new name: Daikin-McQuay. The name was changed because Daikin had begun to use many of McQuay's technologies and systems in its own air conditioning products/systems.

Conversely, Daikin began adding its technology to McQuay systems. For example, it added the Daikin Inverter Compressor to McQuay designs and also made sure it was utilized in McQuay factories. By 2013, Daikin-McQuay became Daikin.

Another big acquisition happened during the summer of 2012, when Daikin acquired Goodman Global from an equity company in San Francisco, which is called Hellman & Friedman. The company was purchased for 3.7 billion dollars and Daikin planned to waylay the acquisition into more market share all over the world.

Daikin is Hugely Successful

Today, Daikin offers air conditioners to residential clients and also makes air purifiers for residential customers. As well, it offers air conditioners and air purifiers for commercial clients. Also, the company provides external air-processing units which adjust for humidity, in addition to big-sized air chillers. Also, it serves the needs of the marine industry by offering refrigeration units for marine containers and air conditioners for marine vessels.

Daikin's combination of proprietary technology and the right business moves has turned it into the world's biggest producer of air conditioning units and systems and related products.