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Learn How an Air Conditioner Works

Air conditioners work the same way that fridges do. However, they generate cooling power for larger, open spaces, rather than smaller spaces which are insulated.


Air conditioners vary in terms of power, so some styles will cool more square footage than others. It's important to consider how much square footage needs to be cooled before selecting a new air conditioning system. Air conditioning experts offer great advice about which systems are best for specific needs. They know how to use mathematical formulas in order to calculate the right amount of cooling power for particular square footage.

When an air conditioner is in operation, it will utilise chemicals which transfer from gas to fluid to gas. The chemical is utilised in order to carry heat away from interior air, into the outside. An air conditioner is made up of a trio of parts, including an evaporator, a compressor and a condenser. Usually, you will find the condenser and compressor on the outside air part of the system. The evaporator will be found inside of a home and it may be a component of the furnace.

When the chemical comes into the compressor, it does so in the form of a gas with low pressure and a cool temperature. The compressor does a squeeze to pack the chemical's molecules and raise the chemical's energy and temperature. After the fluid exits the compressor, in the form of a gas which is hot and high in pressure, it moves into the unit's condenser. The fins on the compressor do what a radiator does. They assist heat with dissipation.

After the chemical exits the condenser, it's cooled down and has been converted into liquid. It's a high pressure liquid which then travels into the evaporator via a small hole which is really narrow. On the flip side, the fluid's pressure decreases. When this happens, evaporation begins.

As evaporation takes place, it takes heat away from the air that surrounds it. When the chemical exits the evaporator, it's cooled down and low pressure. It returns to the compressor and the cycle repeats itself. At the cycle repeats, the room moves closer to the desired temperature.

Today's Air Conditioners Are Very Advanced

While the basic process doesn't change, the latest air conditioners from good manufacturers are very advanced designs which often feature energy-saving properties, remote controls and a lot of other appealing features. They are designed to be easy to use.