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Is Air Conditioning the Only Way to Keep Cool in an Office?

Air conditioning is probably the most reliable and efficient way to set the perfect temperature at an office. It is designed to cool a specific amount of space, so a good air conditioning system will ensure that everyone is comfortable while they work. However, there are other ways to stay cool. If you can't afford air conditioning or want to restrict its usage in order to conserve power, you may want to try these tricks...


Wear Lighter Business Attire

While shorts and tank tops aren't appropriate for most offices, even on Casual Fridays, it's possible to access business suits and other appropriate business attire which is very light in weight. For example, if you're used to wearing heavier suits, such as wool blends, choosing lighter cotton or linen may help you to feel more comfortable at work. Also, wearing layers will allow you to remove a layer when things heat up.

Another option is keeping lots of cool fluids on hand, from filtered water which is chilled to iced coffee drinks and beyond. Cooling down your internal temperature will be easy when you enjoy a cold beverage. Try to go for healthier choices. Avoid sugary sodas and chemical-laden diet sodas!

Also, you may want to try handheld fans. These small electric devices are battery-powered and they'll give you an instant dose of cold air whenever you need it most. Some people install larger electric fans on their desktops. This may work for you if you don't want to pay for air conditioning. However, they will still consume energy, so you should search for Energy Safe-rated products, which are known for being extremely energy-efficient.

Opening windows may or may not cool down interior space. If there's a breeze outside, this may be a feasible strategy. If there isn't, it may actually make things worse.

Try Our Helpful Tips Today

If you want to cool down, without the expense and power usage of air conditioning, we recommend trying our helpful tips today. We believe that using one, a couple or all of our tips will be the best way to enjoy a truly comfortable day at work.

Also, be sure to share these tips with your co-workers. When everyone is cool, calm and collected, it will be easier to make the most of every workday. It may actually be the key to higher productivity in the office, as people definitely tend to work less hard when they are hot and sticky.