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How to Keep Warm in Winter


With winter fast approaching, you may be looking for ways to keep the cold at bay and stay as warm and toasty as possible. There are plenty of great little life hacks you can take advantage of to keep warm this winter, so forget feeling cold and enjoy those crisp, fresh winter days that are fast approaching.

Dress For Warmth

This is probably the most obvious way to keep warm during winter. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the more layers you wear, the warmer you are going to be. The basic must-haves for a cold winter’s day is as follows. A vest under your T-shirt or top, followed by a wool or fleece jumper. Forget thin fabrics such as polyester or nylon leggings, these will make you sweat as your skin can’t breathe, and this sweat will chill in the cold air and make you colder than if you went out without any clothes on your lower half.

A winter jacket is an absolute must during the cold months. Ideally, you want something with a hood and that is waterproof and wind resistant. There is nothing worse than the icy, biting wind finding its way through your clothes. Decent, thick, and warm socks and gloves also help. Keep your extremities warm and the rest of you soon catches up.

Potatoes In The Pockets

If you suffer from cold hands, especially during winter, wrap a couple of potatoes in foil and bake them for 60 minutes before going out. Place the potatoes in your jacket pockets and enjoy the warmth they give off for up to 2 hours. The best part of this is that you not only have mobile hand warmers on you, but your lunch is sorted too.

Eat A Carb Rich Breakfast

The body burns carbohydrates for fuel. When carbs are converted in the body, a certain amount of energy is used and a by-product of this is heat. A big bowl of hot and milky porridge for breakfast should do the trick. Coffee also causes a rise in body temperature by speeding up the metabolism. No need to worry about enjoying your carbs in winter. With all those extra clothes on, no one is going to see if you put on a bit of weight.

Stay Indoors

If you have the luxury of not having to go to work or run the kids to and from school, then stay indoors under the covers and enjoy your winter through the window instead. However, winter offers it's own seasonal beauty unlike no other, so wrap up warm and make the most of it.