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Who Invented Air Conditioning And When?

We live in a world where summers are becoming ever increasingly warmer. In the past, air conditioning was the reserves of the supermarkets and department stores, but its popularity is growing year on year as many people battle to beat the heat. But who actually invented air conditioning? And when did their invention come to life?


When Was Air Conditioning Invented?
Air Conditioning has its roots planted in the 1800’s when it first came into the mind of its inventor. Originally, air conditioning was developed as a way to reduce moisture in the air of a printing company. 1902 saw the release of the very first air conditioning unit, which has a bonus side effect of cooling the air as it extracted the moisture levels from it. The original air conditioner was by no means a small piece of machinery; in fact, it was the same size as several cars placed side by side. Throughout the 1900’s, the air conditioner was reworked and remodelled to create the sleek and compact units that we now have available today.

Who Invented It?
The air conditioner was invented by a Mr Willis Carrier. Carrier was working in the experimental engineering department of a company at the time. He was commissioned with the task of reducing the humidity of the air inside a printing press to prevent the paper from becoming wrinkled.  It took many years, but eventually, Carrier came up with a working air conditioner that not only reduced room humidity but also reduced the ambient temperature by many degrees. He continued to work on his design throughout the early 1900’s, and eventually, his invention was mass marketed to the average American in the 1950’s.

How Air Conditioning Changed The World
Before the advent of air conditioning, many people living in the deep south of America faced tremendously long and hot summers.  The arrival of air conditioning has enabled people to move to places that were previously too hot to inhabit. It can be found in all supermarkets and department stores the world over, and it is even used in many HGV’s as a way to keep products in transport from becoming too warm. Air conditioning can be found in most modern cars and is also now common in many homes. It may be something many people take for granted, but one thing is for sure, and that is that air conditioning has made life more comfortable during the hottest times of the year.